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Visual Studio 2022 - Compare Editions

Compare Visual Studio 2022 Offerings

Visual Studio 2022 editions are tailored to specific team needs and sizes, as well as the roles of individual team members. Find the one that’s right for you.

with MSDN Subscription
  Visual Studio 
Visual Studio 
Supported Usage Scenarios    
Individual Developers check check
Classroom Learning check check
Academic Research check check
Contributing to Open Source Projects check check
Enterprise check check
Development Platform Support2 check check
Integrated Development Environment    
Live Dependency Validation   check
Architectural Layer Diagrams   check
Architecture Validation   check
Code Clone   check
CodeLens check check
Peek Definition check check
Refactoring check check
One-Click Web Deployment check check
Model Resource Viewer check check
Visualise solutions with Dependency Graphs and Code Maps check3 check
Multi-Targeting check check
Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics    
IntelliTrace   check
Code Map Debugger Integration   check
.NET Memory Dump Analysis   check
Code Metrics check check
Graphics Debugging check check
Static Code Analysis check check
Performance and Diagnostics Hub check check4
Snapshot Debugger   check
Time Travel Debugging (Preview)   check
Testing Tools    
Live Unit Testing   check
IntelliTest   check
Microsoft Fakes (Unit Test Isolation)   check
Code Coverage   check
Unit Testing check check
Cross-platform Development    
Embedded Assemblies   check
Xamarin Inspector   check
Xamarin Profiler   check
Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows check check
Share code between Android and iOS with Xamarin check check
Native iOS and Android UI Designers check check
Xamarin.Forms check check
Collaboration Tools and Features    
PowerPoint Storyboarding check check
Code Review check check
Task Suspend/Resume check check
Team Explorer (third-party development tools support) check check
Visual Studio Live Share check check


  1. Enterprise organisations are defined as >250 PCs or > certain annual revenue (check with MicroWay for details).
  2. Windows Desktop, Universal Windows Apps, Web (ASP.NET), Office 365, Business Applications, Azure Stack, C++ Cross-Platform Library Development, Python, Node.js, .NET Core, Docker Tools
  3. Can open diagrams generated in other Visual Studio editions in read-only mode.
  4. Includes Tier Interaction Profiling.

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