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Top New Features in AdminStudio 2021
  • Package Automation
    In Application Manager, a new Automation tab has been added that enables you to automate the import, test, wrap, convert, and publish of the packages. A new Automation tab has been added that includes buttons to import a list of CSV file into the Automation tab and then perform automated tasks on those files.
  • Support for Microsoft Intune
    AdminStudio 2021 now supports Microsoft Intune. Import —You can import packages in Intunewin format into the Application Catalog. Distribution —You can publish packages in MSI and MSIX format to an Microsoft Intune distribution system. Conversion —You can also convert MSI/EXE package to Intunewin format using the Conversion Wizard.
  • New PowerShell Cmdlets
    In AdminStudio 2021, the following new PowerShell Cmdlets have been added to support automation.
  • InstallShield 2020
    AdminStudio 2021 includes InstallShield 2020, which has the following new features and enhancements.


Make short work of updates, new releases, new apps, Windows 10 migrations, virtualization and other application deployment chores. With Flexera AdminStudio 2021, your organisation's ever-growing IT needs have a comprehensive application-readiness solution. It even enables automated batch conversion for the new MSIX format. AdminStudio is ready to help you effectively manage whatever's next.

Fast, consistent deployments

With a robust set of PowerShell cmdlets, AdminStudio can significantly speed up the process of application packaging and deployment, including:

  • EXE wrapping
  • injection of customisations
  • vendor command line suggestions

Fix compatibility issues and reliably convert to any format

The complex process of fixing compatibility issues, packaging and converting applications to the desired deployment format is automated. So you can quickly prepare applications on a daily basis, and continue ongoing migrations and virtualization efforts.

Standardising your software packaging allows you to reliably package applications with much higher quality. And your software deployment to desktops will be virtually 100% successful.

By unifying application management with one tool and one process regardless of deployment format, you'll reduce application sprawl and accelerate adoption of:

  • virtualization
  • cloud computing
  • mobile apps
  • Mac applications
  • the next Windows OS update

With AdminStudio, your IT will maintain application readiness in an environment of rapid and constant change.

You're ready to take on the toughest application challenges

Reliable application packaging and deployment Handle frequent tasks by automating packaging with PowerShell cmdlets. Execute advanced packaging, customisation and authoring with the full power of InstallShield, the industry's leading setup authoring tool. And save time by distributing applications directly to leading software deployment tools.

AdminStudio Package Feed Module

Create deployment packages quickly and easily

The AdminStudio 2021 Package Feed Module provides built-in support vendor setups: download the latest versions and get validated silent command line parameters and detection criteria for thousands of vendor setups.

• Avoid the need to repackage a majority of your application portfolio
•  Select an application and download the latest release directly in AdminStudio
•  Access command line information and detection criteria for thousands of vendor setups.

AdminStudio Package Feed Module

Operating system application compatibility

The report shows the overall status of operating system application compatibility testing for each operating system. Each slice shows the number of packages in a status category. To see a list of the packages in a specific status category, click on that slice.

Maintain mobile application readiness

Identify risky applications and establish BYOD and blacklist policies. Validate whether your applications follow best practices and conform to enterprise policies. And automate OS compatibility testing for error-free deployment.

Simplify Mac application management

Bring Mac OS into the enterprise by standardizing on compatibility, best practices and risk assessment. Deliver Mac applications to JAMF suite.

AdminStudio Virtualization

Accelerate Application Virtualization and Manage Virtual Packages

AdminStudio Virtualization Pack prepares software for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of virtualization compatibility testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. With support for all leading virtual formats in a single tool, Virtualization Pack fast tracks application virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrasructer (VDI) projects. « more »

Ongoing application management

Maintain continuous application readiness even after your Windows migration is complete. You'll gain insights to efficiently deploy quality.

Simplify application compatibility and Windows migrations

Make life easier for users. Fix incompatibilities before rolling out applications. Migrate to Windows 10 with confidence by ensuring your apps will work well together when deployed to the same systems. AdminStudio can check the compatibility of applications against various versions of Windows 10. Understand the impact of Java updates through reports that expose Java dependencies, including which versions may be at end of life.

Accelerate application virtualization

Quickly identify which applications are not candidates for virtualization and get reports on fixes required for conversion. Directly edit application virtualization packages. And save time by automatically virtualizing applications into your format of choice.

Reduce security risk

Enjoy simple functional and security updates. You'll get a logical starting point for all security update activities. You also get a central location for analysing and reporting on packages, as well as testing and wrapping applications for deployment. And keep applications up to date by quickly and easily leveraging vendor setups to mitigate vulnerabilities.


Powerful application management

Updates. New releases. New apps. Windows 10 migrations. Virtualization. Flexera AdminStudio makes short work of these and other application deployment chores. Much more than a packaging tool, AdminStudio arms your IT team with a complete application readiness solution. Now you can identify and mitigate issues before pulling the deploy trigger–with no more surprises.

What's more, AdminStudio allows you to reliably prepare and deploy modern application formats such as App-V and MSIX. Best of all, AdminStudio eliminates Windows and mobile application security and compatibility concerns.


AdminStudio Editions

For IT organisations seeking an advanced application readiness solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable, conflict-free software deployment.

Filled with automated tools that simplify virtual application compatibility testing for Windows, MAC, Android, and MSIC, App-V, MSI packaging, allowing administrators to prepare reliable, tested application packages for conflict-free deployment to any Windows OS.

Provides a cost-effective way for virtual application and MSI, MSIX, App-V software package creators to migrate applications to Windows Installer and gives control over MSI packaging, customisation and distribution activities.


AdminStudio 2021 Compare Editions

Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio automates application preparation to fix and package enterprise applications for leading software deployment tools.

  Basic Software Packaging Standard Application Redinesss Automate Continual Application Readiness
Detailed, Intuitive Reports and Dashboards      
Seamless Integration to Manage the Entire Application Lifecycle      
Application Catalog to Maintain and Manage Enterprise's Application Portfolio      
Interface to Popular Deployment Systems      
Complete automation via PowerShell Cmdlets      
Provision Virtual Machines for "Clean" Repackaging and Testing      
Test Applications for Quality, Conflicts and Best Practices      
Manage System Center Configuration Manager Application Metadata      
Forensic view of EXE Installers for Conflict Assessment and Reporting      
Advanced Editing with InstallShield - AdminStudio Edition      
Repackage Applications for Windows Installer      
Create Transforms to Customize Windows Installer Packages      
Java Detection and Dependency Reporting  
Application Compatibility   Partial Complete
Accelerate Application Virtualization Partial Partial Complete
Simplify MAC OS X   Partial Complete
Maintain Mobile Application Readiness   Partial Complete
Simplifiy Scripting Challenges - PowerShell App Deployment   Partial Complete


Legacy Add-ons are now included in the core editions

  • Application Virtualization
  • Application Compatibility
  • Mac Application Management
  • Mobile Application Management



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