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Madcap Flare 2022

Maximise content reuse and streamline the creation of technical documentation and learning & development programs.

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Manage Your Entire Content Development Workflow with MadCap Flare

From importing and content creation, to subject matter expert contribution and review, to multi-channel publishing, translation and integrated cloud-based workflows, MadCap Flare is unmatched in its power, versatility, and ability to scale for any size team or organisation.


Easy Content Import

Flare offers the easiest and most advanced import of legacy content in the industry including support for a wide range of file types using an easy drag and drop workflow. Migrate your legacy content – such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Atlassian Confluence, Adobe RoboHelp and FrameMaker, DITA, Author-It, and more – using our patented WYSIWYG XML Editor to author content in a familiar visual user interface.

Plus, step-by-step import wizards offer advanced options to customise your import for added control to re-use your legacy content.

Microsoft Word

Flare allows you to import any number of MS Word files simultaneously using the drag and drop functionality. For added control, you can import files using the import wizard. The import wizard allows you to break content into smaller topics for maximum content re-use and to get your Flare project organised quickly and easily. You can also choose to maintain a continuous connection using Easy Sync to automatically re-import Word files once a change has been made to the source file. This ensures any changes made to your Word documents will always be updated in Flare.

Microsoft Excel

Easily import Excel files including XLS, XLSX, or CSV files. No need to recreate your spreadsheets as these will be added and converted to tables in Flare. As with Microsoft Word, you can link Excel files to Flare so that it recognises when changes have been made to the source documents for a much more effective technical documentation process.


As the original creators of RoboHelp, nobody imports projects better than MadCap Software. Create a new project or topics by importing your legacy Adobe RoboHelp projects.


Create a new project or topics by importing Adobe FrameMaker files. Import support for BOOK, FM and MIF files.


Import Atlassian Confluence content, including HTM and Resource files, from the cloud and self-managed servers.


Convert published XML output from Author-it to a MadCap Flare project while maintaining all documentation projects and source files. For detailed instructions and to download the Author-it Converter Utility, visit our Redistributable Downloads.


Create a new project or import into an existing project by importing DITA files.


Easily import files written in Markdown, including CommonMark, a rationalised version of Markdown syntax.


Advanced Content Authoring

MadCap Flare offers a completely customisable interface that makes it easy to create technical documentation, interactive eLearning courses, learning & development programs and much more.

Ribbon Toolbar - Easy to customise, access and view common tasks.

Content Explorer - Contains all content-related items in your project.

Project Organizer - Contains all project-related items in your project.

Visual Editor with Structure Bars - Visual WYSIWYG XML Editor with patented Structure Bars.

Split View Editor with XML Code View - Synced split view of both the XML Editor and Text Editor .

Dock Any Window Pane for Quick Access - Window panes can be docked, floated or hidden.


Streamlined Team Collaboration, Including Contribution and Review in the Cloud

With a streamlined approach to team collaboration, Flare provides workflows designed to make your content development smooth and efficient.


Multi-language Authoring, Translation and Publishing, Including Bi-directional Support

Deliver good documentation to your global users with Flare, with support for multi-language authoring, translation and publishing. Flare supports Unicode language characters, double-byte Asian languages and Eastern European languages, as well as bi-directional language authoring and publishing including Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.


Publish Fully Responsive HTML5 Websites, PDFs, and More

Ensure your content is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to consume your content.

Supported Formats

Publish your content to popular formats including HTML5, PDF, Microsoft® Word, Clean XHTML, EPUB, and Eclipse Help; as well as legacy output types such as WebHelp and DITA for example.

Fully Responsive Websites

Flare utilises responsive web design that automatically adjusts the display of your content depending on the device.

User-Friendly Web Design

Create stunning HTML5 web content that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and visually impressive for your end users.

Page Layout Support for High-end Print

Flare offers advanced capabilities for high-end print publishing needs, including CMYK support, OpenType Fonts, vector graphic support and more.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Record Stores (LRS)

Generate SCORM-compliant (SCORM 2004, 1.2) and xAPI-compliant (Tin Can) content directly from MadCap Flare to upload to any external LMS or LRS.



Improve Content Accuracy, Reliability and Overall Customer Satisfaction with Analysis and Reporting During Content Creation and Real-Time Actionable Analytics on Post-Production Usage

By taking advantage of built-in authoring analysis and reporting during content development, plus real-time end-user statistics on how your users are interacting with and finding your content, you can improve content quality, overall customer satisfaction and self-help, and enable a continuous workflow of content improvement for maximum ROI.


Find and Fix Issues with Powerful Project Analysis and Reporting

Powerful project analysis and reporting features are included that can help find and fix issues with your projects. Run tests before you publish to find critical technical issues, such as broken links, duplicate stylesheets, missing images and more.

Scan your project to find and fix critical technical issues, including:

  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Styles in Stylesheets
  • Duplicate TOC Items
  • Broken Image Links
  • Broken Bookmarks
  • Undefined Variables, Condition Tags,
    File Tags and Conditions
  • Non-XML Topics and More

As well as used and unused items including:

  • Snippets
  • Topics
  • Styles
  • Variables
  • Map IDs
  • Images and More

Plus, improve content quality and reuse by
identifying suggestions, including:

  • Markup (XHTML)
  • Index Keywords
  • Cross-references
  • Local Styles
  • Snippets
  • Variables
  • Accessibility


The Power of MadCap Analyzer Is Now Built Into MadCap Flare

MadCap Analyzer's features and functionality are now included in Flare. Find and fix critical issues quickly, get content suggestions for snippets and variables, meet accessibility guidelines, generate custom reports, and much more.

Find Elements

Quickly and easily find files containing particular elements such as custom tags, MadCap-specific features (drop-down text, concepts, equations), markup, inline styles, style classes, and more.


Text Analysis for Readability, Average Sentence Length and More

A text analysis tool built into Flare allows you to run reports on your project content. Scores are based on the "Flesch Reading Ease" and "Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level" tests, and reports can be run on topics, documents, entire projects or compared side-by-side to other documents.

Reports include Readability scores, average sentence length, punctuation density per sentence, and number of unique words.


Maximise Customer Self-Help and Improve Content Usefulness by Gaining Valuable Insight Into User Interactivity

Are your end users finding the content they need? How many times did a user search for content that provided no results? Should you create micro content for particular search phrases? All of these critical questions can be answered with data analytics on your Flare-generated content.

  • Don't "drive blindfolded", take the guessing out of your content quality strategy
  • Easy set up in just minutes so you can start gathering data analytics immediately
  • Track usage on any hosted website or desktop output
  • Content can be hosted anywhere, not just with MadCap Central


Analytics Reports Available


Search Queries

Search Queries with No Results


Topic Views

Context-Sensitive Help Calls


Browser Statistics

Operating System Statistics


Gather Usage Data On Any Content – Online, Hosted or Even Local Desktop

Unlike most data analytic solutions, your Flare-generated content can be hosted anywhere — including desktop-based content — to capture data quickly in just a matter of clicks. Your content can be hosted using MadCap Central's easy online hosting feature; use a third party hosted website, server, or even on your own internal desktop accessible only to you or your employees and internal network users.



What's New in Flare 2022

  • Micro Content proxies (FAQ, Knowledge, and Promotion)
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Meta Tag File Sets
  • Copyright metadata for PDF output
  • Toggle source control providers on or off
  • Add/edit Git ignore file
  • Updated Skin Editor UI
  • Document properties in Word Output




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