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erwin data governance solutions

erwin provides the only unified software platform combining data governance, enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling. These technologies work in tandem to unlock data as a strategic asset so all enterprise stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialise data for greater visibility, control and value. The erwin EDGE creates an "enterprise data governance experience" that brings together both IT and the business to produce data-driven insights, agile innovation, regulatory compliance and business transformation. Data drives the entire enterprise, so that makes data governance everyone's business.

erwin data governance solution brief (PDF)


erwin Data Governance (DG)

erwin Data Governance is a SaaS solution that expands data governance beyond IT, so all organisational stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialise data assets to mitigate risk, improve organisational performance, and accelerate growth. It's the only software that integrates traditional data governance capabilities with data modeling, enterprise architecture and business process modeling to produce more strategic value, including data impact analysis to manage change with lower risks and costs.




erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler is an industry-leading data modeling solution that provides a simple, visual interface to manage your complex data environment. The erwin Data Modeler family of products is made up of a number of distinct editions that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences across the organisation.




erwin DM NoSQL

erwin DM NoSQL gives business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their MongoDB assets. Then users can discover, visualise, document, design and deploy MongoDB instances in an efficient and cost effective way, mitigating the risks inherent to managing mission critical data assets.




erwin Enterprise Architecture

erwin EA aligns business and IT modeling, analysis, strategy and plans for the data-driven enterprise, allowing you to develop complex enterprise architecture models to drive business transformation. erwin EA enables business and technical stakeholders to get a complete and contextual view of their enterprise assets to manage change in an efficient and cost-effective way while mitigating the risks inherent in transforming the digital business.




erwin EA Agile

A full-featured, cloud-based set of enterprise architecture tools using industry platforms, such as TOGAF and ArchiMate 3.0, out of the box



erwin Business Process

erwin Business Process (BP) software lets you visualise your system interactions, business processes and organisational hierarchies. With these insights from erwin BP as a central source of truth, you can make better decisions from tweaking a single process to re-engineering the enterprise for total transformation according to your strategic objectives.




erwin CloudCore

Combines erwin Data Modeler and erwin Enterprise Architecture Agile in a single, bundled, SaaS




erwin Web Portal

The erwin Web Portal provides a simple, customisable, web-based interface that allows both business and technical users across the organisation to easily discover, visualise and understand the data sources, structures and architecture that drive their business.





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